Trützschler Image Movie

Corporate Production for Trützschler Worldwide

Just after we founded Birkrug back in the beginning of 2019, the Truetzschler group came up with a big thing. We had the chance to produce an image movie, which should demonstrate their pioneering and global effort in sustainability and groundbreaking technology. So it came that we traveled to Brasil, Mexico, USA, India, Vietnam, China, Turkey and of course Germany. In a great atmosphere of friendship and professionalism, we created a concept to work out the unique values of this family owned company, which stands for more than just profit. We met this big community, spread all over the world and we did our best to capture it so everybody who is not involved into Trützschler Group can experience it themselves. The diversity of insights accompanied with our own powerful music stands for itself.

At this point, we want to thank everybody around the world who supported us as a young production company, to realise this ambitious project. Special thanks also to Laura, who traveled all the way with us. Which reflects the amazing teamwork we were privileged to experience!